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About AzACS



When the American College of Surgeons was founded in 1913, no state or international chapters existed.  It was thought local chapters could undermine the College’s ideals.


Geographical areas were represented by governors and E. Payne Palmer Sr., pioneer surgeon and first Fellow of the ACS from Arizona served as Arizona’s first governor for 28 years. 



E. Payne Palmer, Sr., M.D., FACS

The College later realized that the ACS could only be strengthened by chapters.  Today there are over 100 chapters all over the world.


Local chapters work in conjunction with the College to provide outstanding networking and educational opportunities, along with professional development resources through chapter meetings, conferences, and community outreach.



Nov. 2  1950: R.W. Rudolph MD, FACS from Tucson sent a letter to the College about forming an Arizona Chapter.

Nov. 21, 1951: H.P. Saunders, MD, FACS, Associate Director of the College responded with a preliminary draft of bylaws.

Apr. 5, 1951: Dr. Sauders sent a letter to all Arizona Fellows inviting them to an organizational meeting.


Pioneer Hotel, Tucson AZ

May 5, 1951: 16 Fellows met in the Varsity Room of the Pioneer Hotel in Tucson, AZ.

Meade Clyne, MD, FACS - Elected president

Norman Ross, MD, FACS - Elected Vice-president

Clyde Flood, MD, FACS - Elected Sec-Treas.

May 10, 1951: Arizona governor, E. Payne Palmer, MD, FACS notified the College of the proceedings.


Oct. 10,  1951: Chapter bylaws were adopted.


1951 Clinical Congress: Board of Regents approved the Chapter.


Feb. 13, 1952: Charter #20 was issued for the State of Arizona.


Arizona has seen massive growth in the five decades since the 1950's. The Arizona Chapter has also grown from the original 16 members to over 400 members, of which approximately half are active members.


There are 1400 ACS members living and working in Arizona. Some ACS members are not members of the Arizona Chapter. Officers of the Chapter hope that this website will encourage more communication with these surgeons and encourage them to join the Arizona Chapter and participate in the Chapter's activities.

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