2019 AzACS/IHS Annual Meeting – Agenda (draft)


Friday, September 20, 2019

                  AGENDA for IHS SURGEONS

5:00 PM       Cocktails

7:00 PM       Dinner – Separate Registration Required

7:30 PM       ACS/ IHS Collaboration to create a Rural Surgery Track: Nfonsam

8:00 PM       Rural Case Presentations: F. Khaki, N. Choudhury, J. Chino, G. Deckey

                  AGENDA for AzACS

4:00 PM       AZACS Executive Committee Meeting - President's suite

6:00 PM       AZACS President's Reception – Invitation Only


Saturday, September 21, 2019


7:00 AM        Registration, Continental Breakfast, Visit the Exhibit Hall

7:30 AM        Welcome & Opening Remarks

7:45 AM        Ask the Experts Panel on Surgery for Students/Residents Rural and Academic Tracks


                  Track A – Rural Surgeons

8:15 AM       Rural Surgery:  Experiences of a Surgeon at a Level Three Trauma Center -- Jack Fralinger, MD

8:40 AM       Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies that Require General Surgery Intervention in a Rural Setting -- Jennifer Whitehair, MD

9:05 AM       Update on management of pediatric appendicitis in the rural setting -- Raj Gulati, MD

9:30 AM       Panel Discussion

9:45 AM       Head and Neck Surgery -- TBD

10:10 AM     Thoracic Surgery TBD

10:35 AM     Hand Surgery – Peter Gibson, MD

11:00 AM     Panel Discussion

11:15 AM     BREAK - visit exhibitors


                  Track B – General Surgeons

Papers That Change Practice – Moderator: Nirav Patel, MD

8:15 AM       Pediatric Surgery – TBD

8:30 AM       Trauma Surgery – Patrick Bosarge, MD

8:45 AM       Surgical Oncology 2018-2019 – Nabil Wasif, MD

9:00 AM       Emergency General Surgery – Julie Wynne, MD

9:15 AM       DEBATE:  To Cut or Not to Cut on Cholecystitis – Moderator: Natasha Keric, MD

                     To Cut: Brian Coats, MD vs. Not to Cut: Sarah Lee, MD

10:00 AM     BREAK - visit exhibitors

10:15 AM     Resident Research Paper Presentations I – Moderator: Michael Choti, MD

11:15 AM     BREAK - visit exhibitors



  11:30 AM         Surgeons as Public Health Change Agents – Lessons from the American College of Surgeons Strong for Surgery Program -- Tom Varghese, MD

12:30 PM         LUNCH - Hands On! Mentoring of Medical Students in the Exhibit Hall

High Yield Practice Changing Updates (with Moderator)

1:30 PM           Burn Care for the Non-Burn Surgeon – Kevin Foster, MD

1:45 PM           Pancreatitis Wait, Wait, Wait and then What?  -- Amanda Arrington, MD

2:00 PM           Giant Gastric Ulcers – TBD

2:15 PM           Diverticulitis -- Two Strikes and You're Out – Ronald Gagliano, MD


                  Track A – Rural Surgeons

2:45 PM       Breast Cancer Diagnosis – Connie Jones, MD

3:10 PM       Breast Cancer - Treatment -- TBD

3:35 PM       Panel Discussion

3:50 PM       Compartment Syndrome:  Diagnosis and Management -- Darius Moezzi, MD

4:15 PM       Management of Necrotizing Infections -- Donna Carman, MD


                  Track B – General Surgeons

2:30 PM       Maintaining Professionalism in a Digital World (or Why is a Surgeon active on social media?) -- Tom Varghese, MD

3:00 PM       ACS Med Student Committee Update

4:00 PM       Poster Walk Rounds with Valentine Nfonsam, MD & David Row, MD

4:15 PM       BREAK - visit exhibitors

4:30 AM       AzACS Chapter Business Meeting


7:00 PM       AzACS and IHS Cocktail Reception and Dinner


Sunday, September 22, 2019


7:00 AM        Breakfast--Visit the Exhibit Hall

7:00 AM        Breakout Breakfast--Educational Panel with Residency/Fellowship Directors for Residents/Medical Students

8:00 AM        Will Rural Surgery Survive? and an ACS Update – Philip Caropreso, MD


                   Track A – Rural Surgeons

9:00 AM       Helicobacter Pylori Infection in the Navajo and Hopi -- Fernando Monroy, MD

9:25 AM       Helicobacter, Hedgehog signaling and Gastric Cancer Pathogenesis -- Juanita Merchant, MD

9:50 AM       Gastric Adenocarcinoma in the Navajo -- Gregory Jarrin, MD

10:15 AM     Panel Discussion

10:35 AM     BREAK

10:45 AM     The Traumatic Brain Injury Protocol in Northeastern AZ -- Rob Evans, C-PA                 


                   Track B – General Surgeons

9:00 AM       AzACS Presidential Address – Valentine Nfonsam, MD

9:30 AM       BREAK

9:40 AM       Resident Research Presentations II – Moderator: Ara Feinstein, MD

10:40 AM     How I Do It…or You Gotta See this. Quick Shot Video Presentations – Moderator: Nitin Mishra, MD

10:40 AM     Robotic Ventral Hernia – David Pearson, MD

10:50 AM     Sushil Pandey, MD             

11:00 AM     Varun Jain, MD

11:10 AM     BREAK - Score judging sheets


11:30 AM      Surgical Jeopardy! – Ross Goldberg, MD

12:30 PM      Awards and Closing Remarks