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spiritual coaching | human spiritual evolution

spiritual coaching, human spiritual evolution, seattle, washington What if… you didn't have to  repeat the same story over and over again? What if… you had a full experience of living and could create from your heart?  What could live and move through life with powerful purpose and intention? I believe that a human's consciousness is rising on this planet, as it will be one of the determining factors in achieving peace. When we rise in our consciousness, we hold more space for others to do the same. As a human race we are experiencing so many polarities. Struggle is an opportunity for us to become our wholeness. We all feel like we are in the middle of two extremes - too much conflict or not enough emotional intimacy. Wire your nervous system for love and inner peace by going beyond both extremes. It takes time when you have experienced so much trauma. It takes courage to reach out for support and then trust it - when you have lived so long mistrusting yourself and others. You deserve to live this moment. this a way that aligns with who you truly are - what you know to be true at your core - something that is unique to you

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